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6. You Get To Pick Your Job

6. You Get To Pick Your Job

There are also options for you to get tuition assistance through your state along with your GI Bill. There is a Veterans Grant for those who have already served and also a grant for those who may still be active in the National Guard.

4. Health Care

If there is one thing the military needs, its for their soldiers, sailors, and airmen to stay healthy. The military provides health care plans with little cost to them and is great. Health Care these days is outrageous so, I won’t mind barely having to pay for anything. You can get a glimpse of your branches health care policies on their website or you can learn about Tricare here.

5. Dental Insurance

I know it is not free and my recruiter told me he’s paid about $60 a month for dental insurance that the Navy provides, which to me is great because I come from a family of genetically poor teeth. (más…)